06 Aug

The Principal Thing Conference 2022


Too numerous youth have been involved in leadership at different levels, consciously or unconsciously, and have lots of misconceptions about leadership and what it entails. This has brought a huge question to the minds of those who truly understand the concept of effective leadership; what will be the fate of individuals, organizations, and society if this deterioration in Leadership & productivity, and the capacity gap continues?

We have followed and observed closely the failures in leadership both at the National and organizational level, we have seen the deteriorating Competence and capacity state of the youth among others… The lack of important values and principles. Hence, at Ophel Consult, we crave excellence in leadership, Productivity optimization and we stand as an oak of transformation as we keep redefining and rewriting the story around leadership, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship development, and national transformation.

To tackle these issues and provide appropriate applicable principles and practical wisdom to leadership questions and provide Capacity development in Africa, starting from Nigeria, we introduced The Principal Thing Conference in October 2021. The Principal Thing Conference is an annual gathering of young and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc from all walks of life who truly want to build themselves into becoming exceptional leaders who are distinguished from the crowd. It is a mandate to bridge the competence & capacity gap prevalent among youth and also to harness the leadership potential embedded in the young members of the society, setting them apart to become globally relevant.

We have focused this conference on building character, capacities, courage, competencies, and consistency in young and emerging leaders, to proffer solutions to the challenges in society, raising transformational leaders who will stand the test of time in different spheres of endeavor as well as helping businesses to position themselves for effective business growth.

The conference will involve Keynote speeches, plenary sessions, break-out sessions, Questions and Answer/Interactive sessions, personal presentations, Networking Sessions, a Communiqué as well as other salient features.

We are planning for an attendance of 800 to 1000 youth and emerging leaders from different spheres of endeavor across Nigeria. We had over 500 in attendance for the median edition; Student Leaders, business owners, Political Leaders (both appointed and elected officials), Religious Leaders, Founders and CEOs, development experts, social media influencers, Staff of different organizations, educationists, and lots more.

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